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Lightmap Workflow, Part 2: Architectural Lighting

The above is an in-game screenshot demonstrating externally baked linear space lightmaps rendered in Unity Previous article: Lightmap Workflow, Part 1: UV Generation Background RedFrame is meant to be a highly atmospheric and immersive experience. To create this atmosphere, it was

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Global Managers With Generic Singletons

Global state and behavior can be a bit tricky to handle in Unity. RedFrame includes a few low-level systems that must always be accessible, so a robust solution is required. While there is no single solution to the problem, there

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Open Multiple App Instances in Mac OS X

We do all of our light baking for RedFrame on a beefy Mac Pro, but due to limitations in Maya and Mental Ray we have to run multiple instances in order to saturate the available processor cores. On Windows it’s

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The King’s Shroud – A Cool Dev Blog to Check out

For the last few months, a friend of mine from work, Oliver Barraza, has been working on his game, The King’s Shroud for OUYA. Like our project, it is being developed in Unity. He describes the game as follows: “The

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Advanced lightmapping in Unity

While investigating potential lightmapping solutions for RedFrame, we explored Unity’s own lightmapping system which leverages Autodesk’s Beast. Beast unfortunately is lacking a few more obscure features useful for simulating realistic artificial indoor lighting, most notably photometric lights for reconstructing the

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Poly Reduction Prioritization

The central environment in RedFrame is a large mansion. While developing the 3d model of the house I didn’t pay much attention to its total resolution; I wanted to see how far I could push mid-range hardware and didn’t want

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