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RedFrame Library DK2 Demo

We have had some recent success with the Oculus DK2 drivers and today are releasing a new RedFrame environment demo, available for download from the links below. This demo features the library, a key location in RedFrame and a nice companion to the

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Experimenting with Unity 5

Unity 5 has added some really cool lighting and shader features to help artists create more realistic looking scenes. A lot of this is coupled to their out of the box set-up, find but it is pretty easy with Unity to

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Progress Update

For the past five months, pharmacy Mike and I have been carving out a significant portion of our schedule to work on RedFrame. We’ve made great progress on several fronts. Mike has been working on the main code base, cheap

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Enter VR Podcast

Recently, Mike and I had the pleasure to speaking with Cris Miranda who hosts a podcast entitled Enter VR. We chatted about RedFrame as well as VR in general. It was a lot of fun and we were able to verbalize

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RedFrame Oculus Rift Demo!

It’s been a while since we posted anything about RedFrame – we took a short break to avoid burnout, and have been creatively re-energized by focusing on other work for a while. We’re gearing up to do a lot of work

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Amplify Texture Plug-In for Unity

We haven’t really used or needed a lot of plug-ins for RedFrame thus far, however there is one we started using that is pretty incredible. Amplify Texture is a plug-in for Unity that allows textures to be streamed into your

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RedFrame Featured by Unity

For anyone who doesn’t know, we’re building RedFrame using the Unity game engine. Unity is a wonderful tool with many features that make it appealing for indie development, including the ability to deploy to multiple operating systems as well as

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Environment Update

A few months ago I finished building and lighting the the RedFrame house environment. Not including bathrooms, the house has 17 furnished rooms, and a couple outdoor areas. The general look has changed a lot since we last showed a

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Lightmap Workflow, Part 2: Architectural Lighting

The above is an in-game screenshot demonstrating externally baked linear space lightmaps rendered in Unity Previous article: Lightmap Workflow, Part 1: UV Generation Background RedFrame is meant to be a highly atmospheric and immersive experience. To create this atmosphere, it was

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The King’s Shroud – A Cool Dev Blog to Check out

For the last few months, a friend of mine from work, Oliver Barraza, has been working on his game, The King’s Shroud for OUYA. Like our project, it is being developed in Unity. He describes the game as follows: “The

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