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RedFrame Featured by Unity

For anyone who doesn’t know, we’re building RedFrame using the Unity game engine. Unity is a wonderful tool with many features that make it appealing for indie development, including the ability to deploy to multiple operating systems as well as

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Creating Floor Plan Screenshots

As we craft the puzzle structure for RedFrame, it’s very useful to have a birds-eye view of the environment so that we can better see how puzzles physically relate to one another. I spent some time over the weekend creating

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Repurposing Old Systems

It’s always a little sad to see good code slip into obscurity as gameplay changes and mechanics drift from their original goals. During our lengthy exploration into RedFrame’s core gameplay, a lot of our ideas reached a fairly playable state,

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Global Managers With Generic Singletons

Global state and behavior can be a bit tricky to handle in Unity. RedFrame includes a few low-level systems that must always be accessible, so a robust solution is required. While there is no single solution to the problem, there

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