Environment Update

A few months ago I finished building and lighting the the RedFrame house environment. Not including bathrooms, the house has 17 furnished rooms, and a couple outdoor areas. The general look has changed a lot since we last showed a demo. I’ve started to use higher contrast in many areas, and the general color scheme of each room has converged into a unified style, making each room feel unique. Here’s a quick tour of some of the areas that convey the main feel of the game.


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2 comments on “Environment Update
  1. Thomas says:

    Can I get this new 17 room demo?

  2. Hello there Andrew, cheers from Brasil.

    What a nice surprise finding your rift demo, like anyone else, i was ++Realy++ looking forward finding something like your art. I was kinda bit shocked when I was the full house, amazing stuff man!!

    I started working towards Unity + Amplify project aiming real state in São Paulo área, and I would love to share your work among them with the Rift and Razer Hydra (once possible)

    May I ask you about your final release, on Rift? If possible, would you send a bigger sample of the house?

    Thanks so much for sharing, your work is engaging my wotk!


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