Progress Update

For the past five months, pharmacy Mike and I have been carving out a significant portion of our schedule to work on RedFrame. We’ve made great progress on several fronts. Mike has been working on the main code base, cheap building a robust infrastructure that is now allowing us to set up puzzles and interactions that previously had been held together by ad-hoc prototype code. The types of interactive elements available in the game are very well known at this point so we’ve been able to front-load this engineering work.

During this same time period, prescription I have migrated the entire house to new, cleaner, Maya files, and in the process have greatly improved much of the texturing and quality of models. I’ve also finally been able to get around to working on an area that I had put off for a long time: the yard. Happily I feel that this is now one of the best areas in the game. I’ve also started work on the other environments outside of the house and am planning them out in broad strokes.

All of this work has been aimed toward building our first demo with interactive puzzles which will continue to grow out into the final game. As we begin winding down some of these time consuming programing and art tasks, I will return to puzzle design and Mike will be freed up to work more on environmental storytelling.

There will be a lot to share with you this year and we’re very excited to show it to you. Thanks for the support and stay tuned!Hall

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3 comments on “Progress Update
  1. Hadtstec says:

    Fantastic news and I am glad that you are able to make Progress.
    Any news on the Oculus DK2 integration?
    This was the most detailed Demo for DK1 and we’ve been eagerly awaiting the release for DK2.
    Can you share your Roadmap for VR Support with us?

    Many Thanks

    • Andrew Coggeshall says:

      We had to temporarily hold off on the DK2 demo due to inconsistent integration with Unity. It sounds like native support for Oculus is coming to Unity which should solve this problem. Once things are working more smoothly we can release a DK2 version of one of the areas. In the meantime we are building the game with VR as one of our main platforms in mind.

  2. Jacob Pederson says:

    Very excited for this one, keep us updated!

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