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We do all of our light baking for RedFrame on a beefy Mac Pro, viagra approved but due to limitations in Maya and Mental Ray we have to run multiple instances in order to saturate the available processor cores.

On Windows it’s very simple to run multiple instances of a single application – this is the default behavior – but we work on OS X which only allows one instance of an app to be running at any given time. We’ve commonly used a messy workaround: duplicating the application on disk and keeping references to its many copies in the Dock.

Today I discovered a much better solution. It’s possible to open an unlimited number of instances of an app through the terminal. To instantiate Maya 2012*, bronchitis I just execute the following command:

open -n /Applications/Autodesk/maya2012/Maya.app

Using Platypus, I bundled this command into an application that sits in the Dock, ready to spawn additional Maya instances on demand.

You can download my Maya 2012 Instantiator here.

Maya Instances

* Why not Maya 2013? Well, 2013 crashes every single time we’ve tried to bake lightmaps preventing us from being able to upgrade.
RedFrame is an exploratory adventure game in production by Andrew Coggeshall and Michael Stevenson. We’ve been working on RedFrame in our spare time for more than two years, sick but until now we’ve largely kept our work under wraps. We’d like to begin sharing with you what we’ve accomplished so far, capsule and what still lies ahead as we continue crafting the world of RedFrame.

Through this blog we’ll be highlighting major aspects of development, there giving you a peek into our process. This blog will be written from a technical perspective and will be spoiler free. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us directly: michael at basenjigames.com (programming) and andrew at basenjigames.com (art).

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy!

– Mike & Andrew

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